August 20, 2014
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Blogging Outside the Box

Blogging Outside of the Box: Ways Your Small Business Can Win at Blogging You hear it all the time now; “I have a blog.” “I blog.” “What’s your company’s blog?” It seems like everyone is doing it so you are too, but is it having the effect that you hoped it would on your small…continue reading

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Leveraging Your Fan’s Creativity Through Social Media

Do you struggle with ways to engage your fans and followers? Are you overwhelmed with the amount of feedback you receive about your business but unsure of how to utilize it? Stop the worry and start the attack because everything you need is right in front of you. Research has found the average American user,…continue reading

8 Scary Social Media Questions Your Small Business Must Answer

Is your organization really prepared to execute a successful social media strategy that is on par with the quality of your business? Do you know what components are necessary to execute a successful social media marketing campaign for your small or mid-sized business? If you don’t know the answers to those social media questions, read…continue reading

6 Monstrous Mistakes Brands Make on Instagram

So you finally did it: You joined Instagram! You’ve been hearing all about how rapidly Instagram is growing, how engaged its user base is, and all the benefits it can provide for a small business, and you finally decided to create a brand account for your company. So now you just post photos, right? Wellll,…continue reading

Pictures in Tweets: How Your Small Business can Benefit

Content may be king, but visuals rule when it comes to social media. This is especially true on a social media giant like Twitter that limits you to 140 characters. Over the past year, Twitter has taken steps to redesign its platform putting more emphasis on visuals. These changes have made it imperative that brands…continue reading

7 Blogging Mistakes that Small Businesses Should Avoid

Blogging is a part of the social media sphere just like Facebook and Twitter. As more and more small businesses jump into the world of blogging, many are finding that it’s just as beneficial of a marketing tool as the others. However, as with any social platform, it’s important to understand the unspoken rules before…continue reading

The Social ROI Series: The Introduction To Bad Business

Today, Trent Turpin shares his experiences with ROI road bumps that probably sound all too familiar. As Social Media Beast’s Director of Marketing, he deals with the question of ROI all the time. I often accompany sales reps or account managers on both pre and post-sale calls.  I’ve helped with pitches, projects, implementations, and every…continue reading

5 Types of Small Businesses that Need a Pinterest

It’s no secret that Pinterest is a powerhouse in the social media circuit. Of course, as with any social media channel, it’s important to evaluate whether or not it makes sense for your industry. There are certain industries, however, that reap great benefit from having a Pinterest account. If you’re small business is in one…continue reading

What Promoted Accounts in Twitter Search Mean for Your Small Business

Promotion through social media has become essential to businesses both big and small. Using Twitter promotions, your brand can quickly grow a following and gain some monstrous exposure in the Twittersphere. Isn’t that exactly why you attacked the Twitter beast in the first place? According to a recent Twitter study, promoted accounts gain highly engaged…continue reading