May 27, 2015
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4 Signs Your Social Media is Getting Tired

Social media is all about pumping out fresh content to keep your fans up to date and your company at the forefront of their minds. The more and more content you write, the more likely you are to get tired of social media. If it feels like your brand’s social media is just a voice…continue reading

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SMB How To: Using Shortstack to Set Up a Facebook Promo

James Scherer famously said,  “…a Facebook Ad without an offer is like a Ferrari without wheels.” Offers, promotions and contests can all boost the success of your social media advertising, but can be difficult to track. One solution is to use a platform like Shortstack, which helps you develop data collection and tracking vehicles for…continue reading

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Pick Your Poison: Which industries work best for which social platforms?

When creating a Social Media Strategy, one of the more difficult components is deciding which platforms are worth your time. Many small to midsize businesses don’t have unlimited resources when it comes to executing their social media plan, so it’s important to choose carefully based on your industry, goals and internal bandwidth. You don’t want…continue reading

Engaging Graphics
Social Media Graphics 101: Top 6 Things You Need to Know

Want your small business to have an edge over the competition? Learn how to make the best visuals. For starters, visuals surge retention rates by 42 percent, so if you want your brand to be remembered on social, use images. But not just any images. Your fans have short attention spans – we’re talking less…continue reading

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4 Ways to Maximize Your Event Presence through Live Social

Social media has changed the landscape of marketing in a number of ways. Perhaps one of the most crucial way relates to the way brands can interact with their audience in real time. Corporate Events are a particularly good example of the power social media can have in connecting individuals brought together under a common…continue reading

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Social Crunch Time: Running Your Business’s Social On Only 30 Minutes per Day

As a small business owner, you’re making many decisions and judgment calls every day: budget, inventory, personnel, marketing…the list goes on. Business owners often have the best intentions for staying active on social media, but the time they would devote to it eventually gets overwhelmed. Given its relatively inexpensive operation, enormous opportunity for return, and…continue reading

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Building Parternships: How to Use Social Media to Connect with Prospects

For the small or medium-sized business, it makes sense to use different social networks to find potential employees, business partners, suppliers and sales prospects. Perhaps you want to get additional insight on an industry or company, so connection with thought leaders is a priority. Here are a few tips that will aid your search for…continue reading

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Beast Spotlight: Meet Peter, Social Media Powerhouse and Mama’s Boy

Behind any good agency is a team of individuals fueling the engine with innovation, creativity and focus. From content to sales and everywhere in between, our employees at Social Media Beast are the social media experts and chock-full of character. Let’s go behind the scenes at our Beastly Headquarters, and get to know this crew…continue reading

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Beast or Bust: Achieve Royal Success with Content Wins from Medieval Times

Take two knights, two helpings of IKEA Swedish Meatballs and a lot of bewildered shoppers, and what do you get? A social media campaign full of creativity and BEASTly results. For over 30 years, Medieval Times has been bringing history to life with their shows full of royal courts, epic jousting tournaments, horsemanship and more…continue reading