Restaurants & Bars

Trying to find your niche in the market? Wanting to grow your brand with a new demographic? Social Media Beast has the knowledge and industry experience to help our friends in the food and beverage industry achieve enormous results. Whether your just starting up a business, opening a new location, or wanting to boost sales during slow periods, we are here to help.

What’s the Problem?

Very little time and not knowing how much it can pay off. Social media can be the life blood of a restaurant or bar if it is managed properly. The "properly" part is where many fall with a monstrous THUD. That's where we come in.

Why They Like Beasts

We've been doing this for awhile, and specializing in it.  We've taken the ordinary and made it extraordinary.  Our proven system has not only generated increased business, but NEW CUSTOMER revenue for many restaurants and bars that we have worked with.  The Beast Blend of creative content, strategic targeting, and unique promotions has jump started many business owners on their way to sustained success.