November 26, 2015
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Facebook Local Awareness: Drive More People to Your Business

How can social media advertising help me drive more people to my brick-and-mortar location? Digital marketing can be irritating for restaurateurs, shop owners, storefronts and many kinds of local businesses. On the one hand, you know that there’s a sizable digital audience out there just waiting to hear about your wonderful business. On the other hand,…continue reading

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Social Media Week Chicago: 5 Key Takeaways

Everyone knows the holidays are nearing, but you might not know that the biggest holiday for our office happened this week! Social Media Week is wrapping up in Chicago and the beasts were out in full force gathering all the tips and tricks to bring back to you. We went to panels, classes, and yes,…continue reading

11 17 blog
Small Business Saturday: Get Involved, Get Social

Look around you. Past the chains, the major corporations and brands of household name fame, are your mom-and-pop joints. Small businesses form and have formed the foundation for businesses now and to come, and while many may not grow past one brick and mortar store on Main St. or an Etsy shop, they’re still often…continue reading

Spotlight post nick
Beast Spotlight: Meet Nick, A Gent Who Plays Golf with His Feet

Name: Nicholas Roe Nickname: Nick, Roe Hometown: Crestwood, IL College: Loras College (Dubuque, Iowa)   So Nick, what is your official position at Social Media Beast and what is a “typical” day like? I’m a Social Media Consultant. I’m a sales person, but there are so many different names. Account executive, consultant, etc. It’s all…continue reading

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Create High-Engagement Social Content on a Low Budget

Money can’t buy happiness, unless you find your happiness in marketing strategy unrestricted by budget. If that’s the case, you’re in quite the pickle. Luckily, a low budget doesn’t have to mean your business has to sit on the social media marketing sidelines. It only requires an even greater emphasis on organization and good ol’…continue reading

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Instagram for Bloggers: Insights from the Go Blog Social Conference

I was given the opportunity to attend the Go Blog Social Conference Pop Up Shop here in Chicago on October 31. Many inspiring women were met, I learned a ton and left with some crazy cool swag, but there is one thing I really took away from the blog conference that might surprise you… Instagram is The New Blogging…continue reading

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Ask the Beast: Your Burning Social Media Questions Answered

Q: I’ve noticed Instagram ads are now available for my business, is that something I should be doing? A: If your business provides visual value and is looking to target a younger audience, then yes. But you shouldn’t throw money at something just because it’s now available. Here at SMB, we are testing Instagram ads…continue reading

Spotlight post Michael
Beast Spotlight: Meet Michael; An Average Iron Man Who Loves Art

No day’s the same here at SMB, which is why a team of individuals that can roll with the punches is key. Enter in, Michael Pattullo. He’s our Manager of Account Services and all about that coordination, whether it’s in relation to client accounts or a soccer ball. Read on for a glimpse inside his…continue reading

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Lia Sophia Earns $2M Additional Revenue With Social Media Beast

In terms of the amount of revenue earned on a project, few engagements have been as successful as our recent experience with lia sophia. Lia was, up until recently, a multi-level retailer that would sell jewelry through their network of thousands of independent sales reps. Late last year, the company decided to declare bankruptcy, and…continue reading