October 3, 2015
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Guest Post: What Social Media Platforms Should My Brand Use and Avoid?

If you’re conducting any kind of business online, then you already know about the importance of social media. Simply put, if you’re not on social media, you’re limiting your growth, losing market share to competitors and preventing your brand from reaching its potential. However, when you say social media, you haven’t said everything. There are…continue reading

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How to Set the Right Social Media Budget in 2016

One of the questions we’re asked most often from prospects and clients is: How do I determine what to budget for social media marketing? I’ll address this in two ways. The first will lay out how to literally go about calculating a social media budget for 2016. The second will address some general principles for…continue reading

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What Millennials Want From Your Brand on Social

OMG. BRB. LOLz. Millennials may get a little lazy (or perhaps it’s efficient?) when it comes to spelling out phrases in their entirety, but when it comes to consumption, they’re nothing but active. With 80 million millennials in the United States alone and $200 billion in buying power, marketers everywhere would be mistaken to discount the…continue reading

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The Social Events That Can Most Help Your Business, 2015-16

There are so many incredible conferences that pair intelligent social media marketers with their peers in an environment that encourages sharing and learning. It would be impossible to attend each and every conference that focuses on social media marketing, but here’s a small selection of the options with the best overall value. Social Brand Forum…continue reading

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Social Branding: 3 Steps to Becoming a Great Digital Storyteller

While social media platforms have afforded us convenience in the line of communication, storytelling remains one of the most powerful tools to engage your customers personally with your business. Becoming good storytellers elevates a brands power to guide, motivate, entertain, educate, inspire, and influence others into making decisions based on emotional connection. Here are 3 steps…continue reading

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Beast Spotlight: Meet Meredith; Loses at Lifeguarding and Poetry, Wins at Blogging and Periscope

The wheels of this well-oiled Beast machine are always turning with the help of a strong team full of charm, charisma and good ideas. Are we tooting our own horn yet? *Toot toot* Today we put the spotlight on one of our newest Digital Content Strategists, Meredith Rice! Name: Meredith Rice Nickname: Mere, Rice Hometown:…continue reading

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Ask the Beast: Your Hottest Social Media Questions, Answered

We’re back at it again and today, we’re answering some gnarly topics. Dive in for more answers to your common social media questions – LinkedIn connections, Twitter troubles, and Facebook events! Woah, woah, everyone. Keep that enthusiasm in check and let’s get straight down to business: Q: I run a B2B business and I want to have…continue reading

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Own Instagram: 4 Lessons From Successful Fitness Brands

We’re here to pump [*clap, clap*] you up. Or, at least your Instagram account. Since its release in 2010, users have flocked to the network and once consumers were convinced of its worth, brands followed suit. With approximately 300 million monthly active users (surpassing Twitter) and an average of 70 million photos shared per day,…continue reading

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Medieval Times Drives Brand Engagement with Social Media Beast

Here at SMB, we’ve had the privilege of working with a number of iconic brands over the years and in doing so, have seen positive results. One brand in particular would be Medieval Times. With castles across the nation, this well-known establishment has jousted its way into the hearts of fans young and old, which…continue reading