August 4, 2015
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How to Launch Your Brand on Social Media

Create a Plan You need to integrate your social media efforts into your company’s overall communications plan. Having a solid social strategy is just as important as any other business plan and will give you the best possible start. Your plan should include an editorial calendar, posting schedule, contests and more. It should also be…continue reading

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Using Trending Hashtags on Twitter: Does it Work for Your Small Business?

We’ve watched many brands take advantage of “trending” hashtags and topics to increase their own reach. (See here, here, and here.) In fact, Social Media Beast isn’t above high-jacking hashtags or jumping on a timely bandwagon if it ties in to the messaging of our brand and content strategy. (Think: Blackhawks.) However, this isn’t something we do every…continue reading

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The Correct Way to Use LinkedIn’s Blogging Feature

Question: How does a professional networking site like LinkedIn drum up repeat visitors? Answer: Give them a reason to check back in. LinkedIn released its blogging feature to the public in February of 2014 in hopes that users would take advantage of posting new and engaging content to keep people coming back to the site.…continue reading

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How to Turn Your Business’s Social Media Presence Into Social Media Influence

“Influencer” is a word that gets tossed around quite a bit in the world of social media marketing. With audiences flocking in mass daily to different social networks in order to stay on top of not only the activities of their friends and family, but brands and personalities as well, a business has to prove…continue reading

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Facebook Lead Gen for Your Business is About to Get Easier

About a week ago, Facebook announced that it was beta testing a new type of ad, one that would allow an audience with one click to submit their email addresses without leaving Facebook. Facebook Lead Ads (ETA unknown) are a brand new ad type featuring a “subscribe” call-to-action. When you click Subscribe, a confirmation dialog…continue reading

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Behind the Scenes: The Many Facets of Social Strategy

For many people, the idea of social media management inspires images of quickly churning out haphazard posts and hoping for the best. Perhaps they already hold stigmas about traditional forms of marketing and view social media as another pointless piece to the word-spreading puzzle. Or maybe they get nervous every time they have to think…continue reading

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Measuring Success: What to Expect from Analytics on LinkedIn

Say hello to analytics on LinkedIn! LinkedIn recently introduced new analytics tools for publishing content as a way for users of the professional social networking site to better understand how others are engaging with their page. The site continues to be a popular method for individuals and businesses to enhance their online presence in today’s professional world as a…continue reading

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Look to an Agency: 3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Outsource Social

While a social media presence is vital to the marketing strategy of any business nowadays, there is quite a bit of debate around the best way to navigate the vast landscape of platforms, hashtags, 140 characters, etc. Most small to mid-sized businesses don’t have the time to manage their social channels effectively, nor the luxury of…continue reading

6.16 - SMB Blog
How Do Twitter Chats Work for Small Business?

I recently discovered how fun and useful Twitter Chats can be from a business perspective. Twitter Chats might be the most underappreciated small business marketing and outreach tool. They give businesses a free, regularly-occurring way to network with industry influencers. This is the first time I’ve really dabbled with them. I wanted to see what…continue reading