August 31, 2015
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Ask the Beast: We Answer Our Clients’ Most Common Questions

It occurred to us that as we cater to a small business clientele, it’s important we answer the most common questions small business owners often bring to our attention when deciding to build out a social strategy. After all, every client is different but some of the same worries surface across every business when it comes…continue reading

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The Future of Social Media: What Your Business Needs to Focus On

Here at Social Media Beast it’s important that we’re always on top of the latest in social media and technology for our clients. Make sure you’re ahead of the curve with these popular trends. Video & Visuals It’s no secret video is popular but it’ll start to dominate as the social media content format of…continue reading

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My Summer at SMB: An Intern Story

  For the past eight weeks, I had the opportunity to be one of the Content Interns here at Social Media Beast. I can’t believe it’s already mid-August and almost time for me to head back to the University of Michigan (go blue!) for my senior year of college. It’s also crazy to think the…continue reading

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Hootsuite Announces Ability to [Kinda] Schedule for Instagram

The Hootsuite gods have answered our hoots…but not without ruffling a few feathers. Instagram integration is now a reality with their software – but there’s a catch. You can’t actually publish an Instagram photo through Hootsuite’s software, because Instagram’s developers said “over our dead filters”. What you can do is: schedule the Instagram photos, safely share…continue reading

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7 Apps to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Productivity On-the-Go

Marketing your business on social is not only an effort that requires time, but mobility as well. Mobile usage in general has risen year after year – heck, at the end of 2014 526 million of the 1.39 billion users of Facebook alone were accessing the social media network solely via a mobile device. In…continue reading

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How to Launch Your Brand on Social Media

Create a Plan You need to integrate your social media efforts into your company’s overall communications plan. Having a solid social strategy is just as important as any other business plan and will give you the best possible start. Your plan should include an editorial calendar, posting schedule, contests and more. It should also be…continue reading

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Using Trending Hashtags on Twitter: Does it Work for Your Small Business?

We’ve watched many brands take advantage of “trending” hashtags and topics to increase their own reach. (See here, here, and here.) In fact, Social Media Beast isn’t above high-jacking hashtags or jumping on a timely bandwagon if it ties in to the messaging of our brand and content strategy. (Think: Blackhawks.) However, this isn’t something we do every…continue reading

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The Correct Way to Use LinkedIn’s Blogging Feature

Question: How does a professional networking site like LinkedIn drum up repeat visitors? Answer: Give them a reason to check back in. LinkedIn released its blogging feature to the public in February of 2014 in hopes that users would take advantage of posting new and engaging content to keep people coming back to the site.…continue reading

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How to Turn Your Business’s Social Media Presence Into Social Media Influence

“Influencer” is a word that gets tossed around quite a bit in the world of social media marketing. With audiences flocking in mass daily to different social networks in order to stay on top of not only the activities of their friends and family, but brands and personalities as well, a business has to prove…continue reading